• Tours Hightlight

- Day 1 : Pick up from Siem Reap International Airport transfer to Hotel for check-in

- Day 2 : Visit Rolous Group, Lo Lei, Preah Ko, Bakong, Tonle Sap lake, Floating village

- Day 3 : Bike bycicly in Angkor Acheological park visit Angkor Thom, Bayon, Baphoun, Phimeanakas, Terrace of Elephant, Terrace of Leprer King, Ta Prohm, Angkor Wat

- Day 4 : Transfer by Tuk Tuk visit Preah Khan, Neak Pean, Ta Som, Banteay Samre, Banteay Srey, Sunset at Pre Rup temple

- Day 5 : Visit National Park Phnom Kulen, Waterfall, Riclining Budhha statue, 1000 Linga on the river bed, Angkor National Museum

- Day 6 : Departure from Siem Reap to Preah vihear visit Beng Mealea, Koh Ker temple Group

- Day 7 : Visit Preah Vihear temple at border, Preah Khan Kampong Svay and then departure to Kampong Thom

-Day 8 : Visit Sambor Prey Kuk group, departure to Kratie visit Phnom Sambok, Dolphin park on Mekong river, Home stay at Koh Trong Island

- Day 9 : Ride horse cart at Koh Trong, departure from Kratie to Steung Treng visit Sopheakmitt Waterfall continue to Rattanakiri

- Day 10 : Visit Vensai village, Cha Ong and Kratieng waterfall, Yeak Lom volcano lake, Banlung Market

- Day 11 : Departure from Rattanakiri to Mondulkiri

- Day 12 : Departure from Mondulkiri to Kampong Cham visit Phnom Pross, Phnom Srey, Wat Norkor Batchey

- Day 13 : Bike Bycicle from Kampong Cham city to Koh Pen Island, Skun, Phnom Pehn

- Day 14 : Go by Cyclo visit Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, Wat Phnom, Central Market

- Day 15 : Visit Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, Cheung Ek Killing Field, Russian Market

- Day 16 : Departure from Phnom Pehn to Sihanoukville

- Day 17 : Free time leisure at Sihanoukville

- Day 18 : Free time leisure at Sihanoukville

- Day 19 : Transfer from Sihanoukville to Phnom Pehn International Airport

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Day 1 : Siem Reap – Arrival at Siem Reap International Airport

Our professional tour guide and driver , they are waiting to welcome you and transfer you to city Siem Reap before go to hotel for check in and they will provide you more information about city with daily life of the people in the city and arrival at the hotel free time leisure . Overnight in Siem Reap

Day 2 : Siem Reap, Tonle Sap , Rolous Group , Lunch

On The morning after breakfast at the hotel transfer to visit the Rolous Group that the temples was the beginning of the Khmer empire from 9th century , Lo Lei , Preah Ko and Bakong temples.

Bakong Temple was built by the Khmer king Intravaran I in 9th century and it is the first pyramid form temple of Angkor that built with 5 levels. Lunch at local restaurant

After lunch transfer to visit the largest lank in South East Asia Tonle Sap that was listed by UNESCO as natural Biosphere in 1997 and then continue to visit the floating villages by boat that to visit the daily life of the Khmer people living in the lake that all the houses they built on the boat and on the bamboo raft with floating school, floating market, floating church and the freshwater mangrove surrounded the lake. Overnight in Siem Reap

Day 3 : Angkor Temples Tours by Bike Cycle , Lunch

On the morning after breakfast at the hotel explore the Angkor temples by bike cycle about 21 km to visit the most famous temple , Angkor Thon , Bayon , Baphoun , Royal Palace, Terrace of Elephant , Terrace of Leper king and then continue to visit Ta Prohm temple that was filmed by Tom Raider and the temple is covering by the jungle , there are many huge trees are growing on the structure and it is look like the rediscover of Angkor temples Heri Mohout , he met Angkor Wat temple in the jungle by accident in 1860 BC. Lunch at local Restaurant .

After lunch continue to visit the famous temple in the world Angkor Wat the that is the largest temple in the world and the 7th wonder of the world, it is also the national symbol of Cambodia the appear on the national flag of Cambodia , spent time in Angkor Wat until sunset . Overnight in Siem Reap

Day 4 : Angkor Archeological Park by Tuk Tuk , Lunch

After breakfast at the hotel transfer by Tuk Tuk to visit the most beautiful temples in Angkor Archeological Park that there are more than 250 temples in this area cover by 401 km2 , Preah Kahn , Neak Pean, Ta Som , Bantey Samre temples . Lunch at local restaurant

After lunch continue to visit Banteay Srey temple that known as the crown jewel of the Khmer art that the temple was built by Rosa and pink sand stone and on the way back stop to visit the village with the traditional Khmer house and the make the palm sugar in the village also, continue to visit Pre Rup temple for sunset . Overnight in Siem Reap

Day 5 : National Park Phnom Kulen , Angkor National Museum , Lunch

After breakfast at the hotel transfer to visit Phnom Kulen that is the national park in Siem Reap and also the historical natural site that is the quarry of the sand stone of Angkor temple and it located about 50km for Angkor at the north, here you can see the beautiful view from the top of the mountain that surrounding by the jungle and the largest reclining Buddha status that was built by one piece of the natural stone , visit the 1000 Linga the carved on the river bed that local people they believed the water flow on the Linga in the river as the secret water , the Linga was carved in 9th century along the river bed and continue to visit the waterfall and you swim and enjoy with local people here . Lunch at local restaurant

After lunch continue to visit the Angkor National Museum that you can see a lot of statues from Angkor temples with the detail of the Khmer history and high technological representation on the TV . Overnight in Siem Reap.

Day 6 : Beng Mealea , Koh Ker Group , Lunch , Preah Vihear

 On the morning after breakfast in the hotel departure from Siem Reap to visit Beng Mealea temple that located about 60 km from Angkor area , it is one of the ruined temple of Angkor that was built in 12th century and the temple is still covering by the jungle and it is also the most tourists destination that there are many filmed from this temple.

After visit this famous temple continue to visit Koh Ker group and you will have lunch on the way to the Koh Ker group in the local restaurant , In Koh Ker group, you will explore around there to visit Prasat Pram , Prasat Neang Kmeo , Prasat Chen , Prasat Thom, Prasat Linga and drive around the man – made water reservoir that known as Baray . After visit this area continue to the city Preah Vihear and Overnight in Preah Vihear.

Day 7 : Preah Vihear , Preah Kahn Kampong Svay , Kampong Thom, Lunch

On the morning after breakfast at the hotel , transfer to visit the Preah Vihear temple that located near the Thai border on the top of the mountain that you will enjoy the most beautiful view from both country Cambodia and Thailand from this area and the temple was listed ny UNESCO in 2007 for the world heritage site . After visit this temple continue to visit the most beautiful temples group in the jungle Preah Khan Kampong Svay , during you visit theis temples group you will feel look like the rediscover of Angkor temples Henri Mohout when he arrived at Angkor Wat in 1860 BC and he saw Angkor Wat temple in the jungle. After visit this temples continue city of the province Kampong Thom that located in the center of the country Cambodia now . Overnight in Kampong Thom.

Day 8 : Sambor Prey Kuk , Menkong Revier , Kratie , Koh Trong Island, Lunch

On the morning after breakfast at the hotel departure from Kampong Thom transfer to visit Sambor Pry Kuk temple group that all the temple in this area was before the Angkor period or pre-Angkor temples that begun from 7th to 8th century and was capital city of Chenla and there are 3 deference group of temple in this area. After that continue to the Kratie province the located along the Mekong River, Explore around Kratie to visit Phnom Sambok that the most religious area for the people in this province, go by boat on the Mekong river to visit Mekong Dolphin in the conservation area that there are not so many freshwater Dolphin have in the world , continue to Koh Trong and home-stay in Koh Trong that one the island in Mekong and you will enjoy to see the daily life of the people on this island. Overnight in Koh Trong .

Day 9 : Koh Trong , Steung Treng , Rattanakiri , Lunch

On the morning after breakfast at the home-stay, start the tours in the Island by ride the hose cart around the island before get boat to Kratie city, departure from Kratie to Steung Treng and continue to visit the largest waterfall in the world in this province that located on the Mekong river near the Laos border the waterfall knows as Chrus Sopheakmitt, that is about 6 km wide across the Mekong river, After visit this place continue to the Rattanakirri province and overnight in this city.

Day 10 : Rattanakirri , Yak Lom lake, Ven Sai , Cha Ong waterfall , Lunch

After breakfast at the hotel transfer to visit the Ven Sai village that you will see many deference group of the minorities, they live in this area and the continue to visit the Ethnic minority people in this province , explore to the jungle and visit the Cha Ong and Katieng waterfall. On the afternoon after lunch at local restaurant continue to visit the volcano lake Yak Laom that located on the top of the mountain, you can enjoy swim in the lake with local people here that there are always many people swim in this lake and have picnic around the lake, continue to visit the largest local market in this province city the known as Banlung. Overnight in Banlung city

Day 11 : Rattanakirri , Mondulkiri , Lunch

On the morning after breakfast at the hotel departure from Banlung city of the province Rattanakirri to Mondulkirri province and on the way you will enjoy a lot villages that this area is well known as Eco-tourism site of Cambodia that we will drive through in the jungle to the city of the province Mondulkirri , and explore around the Mondulkirri city before go to your hotel . Overnight in Mondulkirri 2 or 3 star hotel only

Day 12 : Mondulkirri , Kampong Cam, Lunch   

On the morning after breakfast in the hotel departure from Mondulkirri to Kampong Cham city will drive through many villages along the way and arrive the city Kampong Cham continue to visit Wat Nokor Batchey and Phnom Bross , Phnom Srey with pagoda on the top of the hill that there are many local and foreigner come to see this area every day and on the evening go to visit the bank of the Mekong river with many people they walk along the Mekong bank to get fresh air from the river. Overnight in Kampong Cham 2 or 3 star hotel only

Day 13 : Kampong Cham , Koh Pen Island by Bike cycle , Skun, Phnom Pehn, Lunch

On the morning after breakfast at the hotel biking from hotel to the Koh Pen island about 20 km to visit the daily life of the people in the island the they grow many deference fruits plantation and visit the traditional houses of the people in this island that they built the house on the big steel and then biking back from the Island stop to visit the Koh Pen beach near the bamboo bridge that they built across the Mekong river every years in the dry season ( possible to visit the Bamboo bridge and the beach from December to August ), departure from Kampong Cham to Phnom Pehn on the way stop to visit Skun that you can see many deference insect animal in this area like spider snack cricket… that is here the big insect market and then continue to Phnom Pehn. Overnight in Phnom Pehn

Day 14 : Phnom Pehn city tours by Cyclo, Lunch

On the morning after breakfast at the hotel go by cyclo to explore the capital city , the cyclo was the popular transport for the people in the city that was made during the colonial period by France and now it still use in the Cambodia. Royal Palace, Siver Pagoda , Wat Phnom , Central Market . Overnight in Phnom Pehn

Day 15 : Phnom Pehn , Toul Sleng , Cheung Ek , Lunch

On the morning after breakfast at the hotel transfer to visit Toul Sleng Museum that before the Khmer Rouge regime it was used as the hight school in the city but during the Khmer Rouge the converted to the prison that there were more 200000 prisoners in here. After here continue to visit the Cheung Ek killing field , here where they took all the prisoners from the Toul Sleng Museum the kill in this area that is about 35km away from the capital city Phnom Pehn now, come back to visit the Russian Market that you can find many deference thing in this market. Overnight in Phnom Pehn

Day 16 : Phnom Pehn , Sihanukville

On the morning after breakfast departure from Phnom Pehn to Sihanukville without guide that you can enjoy and relax at the most beautiful beaches in South East Asia that we won in 2011 , in this years all the country in South East Asia we have the beaches exhibition. There are many Island along the beaches area that there are 4 provinces located along the sea and the coastal line in Cambodia is about 440 km long . Free time Leisure . Overnight in Sihanukville

Day 17 : Sihanukville

Free time leisure , Overnight in Sihanukville

Day 18 : Sihanukville

Free time leisure , Overnight in Sihanukville

Day 19 : Sihanukville , Phnom Pehn international Airport

On the morning after breakfast at the hotel transfer back from the Sihanukville to the Phnom Pehn International airport without guide for the next flight to the next destination.

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- Drink water and cool fresh tower for the whole trips

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- Domestic and International Air tickets
- International airport tax departure PNH: US$25. REP US$25
- Meals and drinks
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- All other accounts are not mentioned in the above inclusion.
- Compulsory dinner for Xmas and New Year Eve

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