Q: How can we be sure you are a legitimate travel agency?
A: About Cambodia Travel & Tours, is one of the largest sources of practical and reliable travel information for both business and tourist travelers to Cambodia. About Cambodia Travel & Tours . has established respected business relationships with its many customers at home and abroad ( our business license )

Q: Where do I Meet the Tour Guide?
A: The tour guide will be waiting at an assigned Meeting Point in front of the arrival terminal airport. The Meeting time will be indicated in your Trip Voucher which you will receive at least a week prior to departure.

Q: Will the Tour Guide accompany the entire tour?
A: With only a rare exception, the same tour guide who will meet at the arrival airport will accompany the entire tour.

Is Tipping to Tour Guide & Driver included?
A:The tips for the tour guide and driver are not included in the tour price. This allows you to express your level of appreciation for their performance and for their contribution to your overall enjoyment of the tour.

Q: What Time does the tour group usually Depart and Arrive at the Hotels?
A:On most days, the tour will depart from the hotel between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. and will arrive at the hotel between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Q: How much Free Time will I have?
A: When you make a sightseeing stop, your tour guide will typically indicate points of interest while on the vehicle and/or with a walking tour and will also allow time for independent sightseeing. You may forego a walking tour if you prefer more independent time.

Q: What do hotels serve for Breakfast?
A: Some hotels may still serve a continental breakfast, but usually breakfasts are buffet style with a selection of rolls, butter, jam, cheese, cold cuts, coffee, tea, milk and juice. On occasion, the buffets may also include cereal, sweet rolls, fruit, yogurt, eggs, or other items.

Q: How should foreigners greet Cambodian?
A: With the development of economy and culture, most ordinary people living in large cities can speak a little bit of English. So, a "hello" or "how do you do?" is acceptable to most of them. Also, it will be more interesting if you are able to greet them in Cambodian. The typical Cambodian greetings include sur-sdey (hello), or-khun ( thank you ), reek-ray-dell-ban-chup-neak (nice to meet you). Of course, as a kind of universal language that needs no translation, a smile or a wave will also elicit a friendly response. On some occasions, shaking hands is a good means to greet Cambodian people. However, when shaking hands with a Cambodian woman, do not hold it too tightly - a light shake of the fingers will do the job. In Cambodia, embrace is not a usual way to greet each other. Kissing, whether on the cheeks or on hands, is unacceptable to the Cambodia.

Q: What is Cambodian people's reaction to compliments?
A: Cambodian people are very modest and not accustomed to show their feelings in public. So, when they are praised or complimented, the customary response is "no, no!" For example, when you praise a Cambodian for his excellent achievement in the work, he would say: "no, no, my work is so-so". When you applaud somebody for his cooking skills, the most possible reply is: "no, no, it is only suitable for filling the stomach." "No, no" here does not mean that the Cambodian think your compliments are wrong or improper. It is just an unpretentious reaction to your commendations. So, when you get such a response when praising a Cambodian, do not be discouraged since your compliments have already been delivered successfully!

Q: How do the Cambodian say "no"?
A: Cambodian people attach great importance to their "face". They do not like to lose face, neither risk letting others lose face. So they seldom say "no" or make negative comments directly. Instead of saying no, they often express their disagreement by means of a graceful excuse or a suggestion. For example when you invite someone to have the dinner with you, if he wants to refuse you he would say: 'sorry, I have something to do" or 'sorry, I have a date with someone.' And also if one doesn't agree with your ideas, he would say: 'I have another idea!'

Q: What are the most popular itineraries with special features in Cambodia?
A: Essentil Angkor - Angkor Wat Explorer - Classic Cambodia - Remote Temples Reavealded - Mini Angkor Adventure -

Q: What sites in Cambodia are listed in UNESCO's World Heritage Program?
A: Angkor Wat Complex - 1995, The Royal Ballet of Cambodia - 2003, Sbe'k Thom, Khmer Shadow Theater - 2005, Preah vihear Temple - 2008

Tell us more about do's and don'ts in Cambodia


  • Remove hats and shoes before entering home and holy places
  • Avoid public displays of affection: Cambodian society is conservative and traditional
  • Ask permission before taking photos, especially of ethnic minorities and religious sites
  • Learn basic Khmer words such as "Hello," "How much?" and "Thank you"
  • Politely bargain when purchasing. Bargaining can be an enjoyable and interesting interaction with local
  • Try to stay with a Khmer family. Cambodians are famed for their kindness and hospitality
  • Visit rural Cambodia and the local markets for a flavor of Khmer daily life
  • Watch traditional and cultural dance shows which are available in various restaurants
  • Take bicycle ride along the rice field and country sides
  • Buy Khmer souvenirs before returning to your home country


  • Touch people's head. The head is considered the holiest part of the body
  • Point or gesture with your feet or rest them on furniture. Feet are considered the lowest and most unclean part of the body
  • Touch monks if you female. Any physical contact with the opposite sex is forbidden for ordained monks
  • Use expletives, shout or lose your temper. No-one cheaper replicas
  • Remove stones from historical sites, no matter how small or undecorated
  • Consume illegal narcotics or use prostitutes. Both are illegal in Cambodia
  • Hug and kiss in public.
  • Purchase historical artifacts in Cambodia. Buy only the replica ones
  • Give children vendors in the temples candies if you do not intend to buy their products
  • Be foul-mouthed in middle of lake or jungle. It is considered bad omen
  • Involve in narcotic drug consumption and sexual exploitation of children