All types of Visa are available in Cambodia

  1. Business      (Type-E) Visa
  2. Khmer         (Type-K) Visa - for Cambodians holding valid foreign passports
  3. Courtesy      (Type-C) Visa - for registered NGOs with a valid MoU
  4. Official         (Type-B) Visa
  5. Diplomatic    (Type-A) Visa

Ordinary visa is a visa for the most foreigners who stay in Cambodia for a long time.

Please don't be confused E-type visa (ordinary visa) with the Internet visa acquisition service called E-visa. E-visa service does not offer the ordinary visa. With the Internet visa link you can take only tourist visa .

You can stay by 1 month with both types of visas as Tourist Visa or Ordinary Visa. But these two type of those Visas are different in that, they can be extended and how many times they can be updated.

With the Tourist Visa, you can extend to stay only 1 month more, and only one time Visa extension can be accepted.

But for the Ordinary Visa, you can extend your Visa for one year more at the maximum and can be extended limitless if required documents are prepared.

Note : Visa type change from Tourist Visa to ordinary visa CAN NOT be accepted. So which type of entry Visa is in your passport is totally important.

There are four types of long-term Visa after renewal of the entry type of an ordinary Visa (E).

1. Business Visa (EB) : For workers and workers' families

2. Job Seeker's Visa (EG) : For job seekers, maximum extension stay is 6 months.

3. Retirement Visa (ER) : For those who are 55 years or older and retired foreigners

4. Student Visa (ES) : For foreign students in Cambodia

Visa Type  Duration of staying in Cambodia 
Single Visa   1 Month 

Multiple Visa 
 3 Months 
 6 Months 
 12 Months 

Note : With single visa, you can enter Cambodia only one time. With multiple visa, you can enter Cambodia as many as you can within visa expiration date.