About Cambodia Travel & Tours’s Tourist Guide gather up every knowledgeable tourist guides in Cambodia. We are very educated on Cambodia, Social, Culture, Art and histories. We will show you every corner about the bas-reliefs on the walls of all the temples in Angkor Complexes. Beside temples, we also will show you the social, the people's daily lives around Cambodia by give you real experiences to all interesting activities of the local people and their cultures.
To experience your trip to the Amazing UNESCO World Heritage of Angkor, About Cambodia Travel & Tours will provide you a guide who will tell you about everything you wish to know and about what the Angkor life was like in the ancient time. We would highly recommend you to use your guide service from About Cambodia Travel & Tours, you will appreciate a fascinating experience and gain a memorable trip with our services. Please feel free to contact us for your trip to Cambodia by you could find our above proposed itinerary Menu. 

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